Covina High School Class of 1968

Alex Goland

I just love reading about everybody and how there lives have turned out. I was married for 27 years and I have three terrific adult children. After graduating from Covina I attended USC and obtained my degree in Accounting. I have been practicing as a CPA since 1977 with my own practice in Woodland Hills. My current passions are golf and competing in Triathlons.


Well, I have just spent the last hour looking at everyone's pictures, reading the current information on those that have sent back pictures and bio's, what a trip. I'm sure I'm not alone in remembering a lot of wonderful memories we all shared in our innocent youth. Sent you my picture and some info when you first contacted me. Now I can't wait for you to update the website so I can read more about everybody. It's a kick for me. To see how we have all changed. I'm so looking forward to the anticipated 40 year reunion.

Maybe some of our classmates feel old, but I don't. Last weekend (7/14/07) I competed in my 4th Triathlon held at Camp Pendleton. This was my second one this year, I usually compete in 2 or 3 per year. It's great fun, keeps me in shape and keeps me healthy. Other than that, my accounting practice keeps me busy but I do find time to play Golf quite often. Yes, I live a busy life, but isn't that we are supposed to do. All my kids are also grown, from age 28 to age 22 (3 kids), but no grandchildren yet. At this writing none are married, but my oldest (who is an attorney) will be getting married in August.

Please hurry and update the website (forget about those summer school kids). Let me know if I can contribute to the reunion.

Thanks, Alex