Covina High School Class of 1968

Bill Kahl

All the Good Stuff! Info Form

So, whatcha been up to???


Currently Married? No
Other family stuff you want to share? Have remained single.


Colleges, majors, degrees, graduation dates:
    B.S. Electronic Engineering, UCLA, June 1972
What did you like the most about college?
     Social life
What did you like the least?
     Large classroom sizes

Career/Work/Bringin' in the Moola

What's your job? Retired since 10/05
Other fields you've worked in? Worked 26 years in Human Resources, 3 years as radio announcer, 3 years as electrical engineer

Hobbies/Passions/Obsessions/Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tell us a bit about the things you love to do!
     Volunteer work for Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, reading for blind and dyslexic, Carousel Ranch. Play guitar in two rock bands—jbmac and Sharp Dressed Men. Drove auto to Alaska (from L.A.) this past summer.