Covina High School Class of 1968
Bruce Goddard

Bruce Goddard

In Memory

We have lost a classmate, a friend and a classy guy. Bruce Goddard passed away on Monday, July 6th. This comes at the end of a five month siege of hospital stays and surgeries and endless setbacks, all due to his life-long struggle with diabetes. Everything that could go wrong seem to happen. Last Wednesday evening, July 1st, Bruce went into cardiac arrest and was without oxygen to his brain for about ten minutes. Since that time he had not spoken or moved at all. A brain scan showed almost no brain activity and his family asked them to disconnect life support. He immediately started breathing comfortably, but without the needed dialysis, he passed on Monday. This has been devastating for his family, and prayers are needed for all of them. At least he got home for the last few days and enjoyed that.

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Thanks, Dave Armbruster

July 2008

This is very sad. He had a big influence on my career after HS. He gave me an excellent reference for a job during the mid 70's. He later went to work at that company and we were co-workers for a number of years. That was at Shaw and Associates, a CPA firm in Covina. He was a good person and citizen in the community. I was shocked.

Gail (Underwood) Carson

July 2008

Oh, what sad news about Bruce Goddard. He was one of the great ones—kind, generous, and hysterically funny! He seems a part of just about every party memory I have from HS days, playing piano while we sang Tom Lehrer songs. Good thing he always brought the music books with him, because otherwise I'd never have known any of the words! Who can forget the periodic table song (useful in Mr. Iverson's chem class!) or the other inspired zaniness? He was the first Tom Lehrer fan I knew—though, some years later, I did marry one, so had a thorough grounding in the basics!

Cliveden Chew Haas

July 2008

After graduation, I knew that the education I would get in college would be redundant to the Covina High diploma, so I traveled the world looking for enlightenment. In a South American hovel I learned the meaning of life, and received the notice of the CHS reunion on the same day. I left Lake Titicaca immediately and started back to Socal. Not wanting to impact the ozone layer unduly, I meandered homeward in a rubber raft. Now that I am home my environmental ideals are compromised, since I feel that there is at least a partial trade off between saving jet fuel and taking dumps over the side of a rubber boat.

I am looking forward to the reunion, and look forward to meeting the imposter who has taken over my identity in the last 40 years. I hear he went to the University of Redlands, met the most wonderful woman in the world, married her a scant six years after graduation, and raised three healthy children who have generated only one grandchild so far.

They live in La Verne where Diane works as a school teacher and the guy is a stockbroker for Smith Barney. Ha! Don't think of asking him what the meaning of life is! You'll be able to tell us apart at the reunion, since I hear the imposter has grown old and fat, whereas I have grown younger and slimmer each year. I'll send in current photos of me a little later…..

July 2008