Covina High School Class of 1968
Carol Chellino
Carol Chellino

Carol Chellino

Well as I was cruising on the Internet today to check out what "Google" has about me--images of my long ago past popped up from Covina HS of 1968—this was a new entry.

I mostly have wanted to forget my high school years, but as I cruised through the senior class photos-mine was the only one that had part of an autograph on it. So--I am thinking that some one I used to hangout with is connected with this operation. So I see on the homepage--Mary Ann, Sharon and Cliveden are out there reminding us of another life and time!

Well you all did a nice job.

I am attaching a recent image of my son (14 and 6'4"-Joe-my only kid) and me.

I've been married to Robert "Bob" Andrews for 26.5 years and we live in Seattle, Washington. Bob is a pediatric-hematologist/oncologist with Seattle Children's Hospital and Cancer Care Alliance.

I'm a school nurse for the Seattle School District—and a visual artist. My cousin, who is my webmaster keeps a website for me: original art by carol chellino.

I have been a school nurse for 21 years and find it meaningful work that does make a difference. I work in a school that is the major ELL (ESL) school for elementary in Seattle School School District, so I am always learning about other cultures as well as supporting kids and their families.

The art making piece has always been there and two years ago I joined a professional studio group, Building C. The artmaking happens on weekends and school breaks, so I am not intending to give up the "day job". Hopefully, it's all about having a balanced life and doing some good for society.

You guys look good too...keep on rock'in.

Get in touch with me if you ever get to Seattle.

My son, Joe Andrews, is in 11th grade and is a "jock". I never thought I would be the parent of a student athlete-but he is 6" 6" and plays basketball-so some of my time this year will be to work the concession stand for games. He is a great kid and I am glad to be his mom. My husband, Bob and I have been married for 28 years and are starting to plan and think about the next phase of our lives....

Update 9/07: Here is an image of Bob and me taken in August 2007. Right now I am working 3 days/ week for Seattle Schools as a School Nurse and 2 days/week devoted to visual art work.

Joe has been growing. The first entry I gave you (below) was when he was 14 — he is now 16 and actually 77 3/4 inches...and the basketball coach has been "bringing him along" since he was a freshman. From all signs he will be a Varsity player this year. This is a different world for me..but our children do teach us new things. Attached image (left) is of Joe and friend.

Update 1/08: Carol sent along a clipping from the Seattle Post Intelligencer about school nurses in Seattle.