Covina High School Class of 1968
Cathy Bartlett

Cathryn G. Bartlett Rathsam

All the Good Stuff! Info Form

So, whatcha been up to???


Currently Married? No
Children's Names & Ages: Matthew 32, Christopher 24, Michael 19


Colleges, majors, degrees, graduation dates:
    CSU Fullerton, B.S. in Child and Adolescent Studiesx
Other educational pursuits:
    California Teaching Credential (multiple subject)

Career/Work/Bringin' in the Moola

What's your job? substitute teaching
Employer name: Orange Unified School District

Hobbies/Passions/Obsessions/Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tell us a bit about the things you love to do!
My goal is to try something new each day—that's what youth is all about! I love taking walks/hikes in nature; an avid reader of mainly non-fiction; enjoy Pilates and Yoga; active in my church; totally passionate about traveling (especially world-wide); love playing with the children in orphanages in Tijuana. I could go on and on. Life is a supreme adventure. It'll be great to get caught up with the Colts of 1968!

July 2008