Covina High School Class of 1968

Chuck Pollak

I would be happy to send you current information regarding the last 40 years, but........where do I start?

In short.......

I continued my education at MSAC and then onto CSULA and got my Fine Art degree. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I got engaged the week I was graduating and thus had to find a real job and let go of my expectations of getting rich creating art. We met at church, Bethany Baptist in West Covina. I have been married 34 years to Sarah Warren, a 1972 grad of South Hills. I got a job being an engineer and after seven years decided to go into commercial real estate after going to grad school for 10 minutes to be an architect. I've been in real estate since 1979. I opened my own office recently.

I have three children, Jonathan 27, Alexis 25, and Corinne 19; none married, no grandchildren. Sarah was pregnant at the 20-Year reunion with our daughter Corinne. We lived in three houses in West Covina until we all moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon, in 1996. Lake Oswego is about 10 miles south of Portland. We all enjoy Oregon so it was a good move. My mother still lives in the same house in which I grew up in West Covina.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the reunion as we have vacation plans to be in Alaska that week that can't be changed. I have enjoyed seeing the web site and regret that I will not be able to attend.

April 2008