Covina High School Class of 1968
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Dale Garcia

All the Good Stuff! Info Form

So, whatcha been up to???


Currently Married? Yes How long? 17 years Spouse's Name: Judy
Children's Names & Ages: James, Kelly, Patty, Charmaine, and Grandson Joey
If married/permanently coupled, how did the two of you connect? Met on the phone through work

Career/Work/Bringin' in the Moola

What's your job? Manager for Napa Auto Parts
Other fields you've worked in? Auto mechanic
How did you end up in your current field? I got tired of always coming home greasy, so instead of installing parts, I wanted to sell them.

Hobbies/Passions/Obsessions/Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tell us a bit about the things you love to do!
     Being young at heart, I still love to rock out and go to an occasional concert. I also enjoy landscaping/yard work. During the summer time, the wife and I love to go camping and fishing. I like to watch Nascar–I'm an avid fan of Michael Waltrip #55. My favorite hobby is playing the stock market.