Covina High School Class of 1968

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Dane Haas

All the Good Stuff! Info Form

So, whatcha been up to???


Currently Married? Happily! How long? 29 years Spouse's Name: Stephanie
Children's Names & Ages: Grant 25, Tiffany 24
    Grant is a senior at University of Nevada Las Vegas--Business School of Hospitality
    Tiffany graduated 2007--University of Michigan--School of Education
If married/permanently coupled, how did the two of you connect?
UCLA blind date function
Other family stuff you want to share? Tiffany is a professional softball player with an Extreme Fastpitch Team and assistant softball coach at Cal State Fullerton.


Colleges, majors, degrees, graduation dates:
    Cal State University Los Angeles–B.S., Business Finance;
    UCLA–California Broker's Certificate;
    Ohio State–Post graduate certificate--Real Estate Banking/Finance

Other educational pursuits: Licensed California real estate broker since 1976
What did you like the most about college?
     My courses in equestrian western saddle riding, badminton, snow skiing, and using the potter's wheel for ceramic creations
What did you like the least?
     When my clay creations overheated!

Career/Work/Bringin' in the Moola

What's your job? First Vice President & Real Estate Construction Division Manager
Employer name: Gateway Business Bank, Cerritos CA
Other fields you've worked in?
    United Nations Peacekeeper, Peace Village, Korea
    Executive Vice President, American School Mortgage Banking
    Los Angeles Times–Account Executive–Classified Advertising
How did you end up in your current field?
    Dumb luck–answered a temporary job which required a real estate license

Hobbies/Passions/Obsessions/Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tell us a bit about the things you love to do!
     Past President Tustin Lions Club; Past President Orange County Beekeepers Association, manage three beehives which regularly win blue and red ribbons at the L.A. County Fair; Haas Honey Farm is known to have the "best honey in southern California." Dane is finally immune to bee venom after 121 stings! And no arthritis!!

And a few additional notes from Dane:

Thanks for tracking us down. Happy 40th! Already here!!! That means I must be 58!

Re: Vicki Hawes—When I returned home from Korea and arrived in Oakland Army base for discharge, my first collect phone call to my parents was assisted by Vicki Hawes. Although we were six years out of Covina High, Vicki remembered my voice and said, "How are you doing Dane and welcome home!" She was a directory assistant and living in the Oakland area then, in December 1974.

We Colts get around.

Sorry, Dane Haas will be on a European vacation visiting his son who will be working at eight resort hotels throughout central Europe.