Covina High School Class of 1968

Deborah Carruthers Schell

Gosh, can't believe it's been that long.! However, when I get up in the morning after a full day with my 2 grandchildren I KNOW it's been that long.

Dan and I have been married for 36 years (Dan Schell and I met in 1967 and have been together ever since—he graduated from South Hills High School) and have enjoyed a rich and adventurous life together. We have two children - Greg, 28 who just completed 6 years with the Navy and is now finishing another degree. Our daughter, Stephanie, 26 has our two beautiful grandchildren, Kody, age 3 1/2 and Kaden, age 1. These little guys are the love of our lives—how much fun grandchildren can be!!!!

In 1978, Dan and I moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho to escape the noise and traffic of Southern California. After living there for a year, Dan was offered a position with the Fluor Corporation (out of Irvine, California—now Aliso Viejo) and off we went, with two babies, on our first foreign adventure to Secunda, South Africa. After that assignments completion, we moved on to Cilacap, Indonesia. After 5 years on the move and out of the country, we decided to settle back in Idaho Falls to raise Greg and Stephanie.

Then in 1996 the wanderlust struck us again. We sold our house, packed up both kids to college and off we went. We returned to Cilacap, Indonesia and then had assignments in Aliso Viejo, Texas, Aliso Viejo again, and then Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Dan currently is on a single status assignment in Tengiz, Kazakhstan.

It’s hard on Dan and me to be parted but 5 years ago we purchased a home in Meridian, Idaho, just out of Boise, to have as home base. Luckily for us our daughter and her family live near by, especially now with Dan on this assignment. Living here gives me the pleasure of helping take care of the boys while my daughter works. Dan gets very frequent home leaves, so he sees us much more often than a regular foreign assignment where we only returned home once each year. Plus instead of home leaves, I have the opportunity of joining him in wonderful places like Amsterdam, Ireland, Scotland, Greece and Croatia.

We love to travel, but it is wonderful to be home with our family. After so many years in foreign countries and out of state, we are now blessed with having both our children and grandchildren living close by, plus my sister, Lynda —moved here last Spring.

Please send us all the information on the reunion, Dan and I hope to be able to attend. Also, thank you so much for making this website available to all of us, it’s wonderful to catch up with friends.