Covina High School Class of 1968

Duane Ivan Kirk

All the Good Stuff! Info Form

So, whatcha been up to???


Currently Married? Yes How long? 29 years Spouse's Name: Susan (teaches 4th grade in Ripon)
Children's Names & Ages: Lyndsay (26), Tyler (24), and Mitchell (19)
Other family stuff you want to share? Expecting first grandchild July 8, 2008
If married/permanently coupled, how did the two of you connect? Met at UC Berkeley—we were "hall mates" in the graduate dormitory (Manville Hall)


Colleges, majors, degrees, graduation dates:
    UCLA ('68–72) B.S. Biochemistry
    UC Berkeley ('74–78) O.D. Doctor of Optometry
What did you like the most about college?
     Great mix—social plus many, many hours in the biomed library cubicles
What did you like the least?
     Protests (disruptive)

Career/Work/Bringin' in the Moola

What's your job? Optometrist (private practice)
Employer name: Self--when first out of optometry school ('78–85) I worked for an optometrist
Other fields you've worked in? '72-74 American Cyanamide (Azusa, CA) Chem Tech
How did you end up in your current field? Influence of Dr. McCormick (Covina optometrist)—his sons Bob & Chuck were at CHS

Hobbies/Passions/Obsessions/Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tell us a bit about the things you love to do!
     Love computer tinkering and projects around the house. Built an addition to our home 2005-06, large patio in 2004, pool house 1993-94. Love this stuff!! Life has revolved around family/church all these years.