Covina High School Class of 1968

Jeff Kirk

Jeff Kirk

After spending most of my high school years playing in clubs like the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach and the Ice House in Pasadena--oh, and I can't forget Shakey's Pizza on Azusa--with my band (The Versatiles), I thought I would be doing that type of work for the rest of my life--easy money. When I got into my twenties I began to think that I needed a change. I did change to a totally different lifestyle and that was the best thing I could have done for myself. The way I was going I would have probably been dead by 35.

My new life started when I dropped everything and moved up to Idaho in 1975. I ended up meeting and marrying my true love--Joyce, Japanese and a Mormon farm girl--and I did a 360 in life. How thankful I am for that.

Over the past 31 years since I married Joyce we have had 4 children:

  • Nathan, 29 (lower right), lives in our home town Burley and will be getting married in August (finally)
  • Maegan, 26 (at Jeff's right elbow), married with 2 boys (Aidan and Brecken) and lives with her husband in Westwood, CA
  • Aaron, 20 (upper left), lives in Tokyo, Japan, and
  • Steven, 16 (upper right), lives at home.

My work for the last 20 years has been in the farm equipment manufacturing field and I love it. I started with the company (Pickett Equipment) from ground zero. I mean farmer Paul Pickett had a good idea how to do a job better with a new piece of equipment and away we went for the ride of a lifetime. Now I'm the Foreign Marketing & Customer Relations Manager.

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Jeff in Australia Jeff and driver in Turkey Jeff and Turkish Customers

With this job I have to be very versatile (where have I heard that before?) and wear many different hats. What I love most is the chance to go all over the world and set up distributors and dealers for our products. I also write the operator's manuals and design our web page. If you get a chance, check out or

Everyone take care, and I hope to see you for the 40th.