Covina High School Class of 1968

Melody Dudley

I have been in NM for 24 years; two children born here. Mary (22) is an architectual student at University of New Mexico, Brandon (19) is working at a tool store—BIG discounts for me! I am a technical trainer affiliated with electrical contractors. Communications is my bag; copper, fiber, and wireless. I am also an outreach trainer for OSHA. Safety Manager for electricians on a construction site is truly a thankless job.

My social life consists of quilting, stained glass, rock hounding and the Albuquerque Rose Society - I have over 200 roses in my standard lot. Our society rose garden boasts 1200 healthy bushes. We provide free rose pruning demos and great advice to the public. Nice bunch (rose joke!). I have been a single mom for 15 years and have probably lost any relationship skills I might have once posessed. This year I am taking piano lessons and am learning to strum the accoustic guitar. I will spend the month of November in China—traveling with my little sister.

Financial constraints (this is the last year of Mary's full-ride scholarship—she is working towards dual Masters) require me to be handy around the house and yard. This weekend it was refinishing hardwood floors. Not bad once I got the sander upstairs. Breathing through a facemask kept fogging up my glasses!. I have been blessed with good health and normal weight all my life. Have to remember to thank my parents....

March 2008