Covina High School Class of 1968

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Paula Troncale Schwartz

Great website; I loved reading about everyone. I feel 18 again!

After graduation, I attended MSAC and earned an AS degree. Upon graduation, I worked for a high powered law firm downtown Los Angeles. The firm was involved in the Watergate and Manson trials, and represented celebrities, like the Beach Boys and Steve McQueen. During those years with the law firm, one of my co-workers invited me to meet her boyfriend's roommate, Lance. Lance and I have been married for 32 years.

Desiring a change of environment, Lance and I moved to the Seattle area in 1978, where we started a consumer electronics sales and service facility (I managed the financial component, and Lance the electronics end) and began our family. My daughter Lesley was born a year later and my son Stuart, five years later. My daughter now lives in Bellevue, just south of Redmond (Microsoft country), my area of residence.

In 1990, Lance and I decided to sell our business and focus more on our family. Lance went to work for Boeing, and I went back to school part time. I graduated from Seattle University in 1999 with a BS in general science and a BA in ecological studies. Lesley began her first year at SU when I was in my last year. Lesley graduated with a BA in marketing/finance and began her career. About a year ago, she enrolled in SU's nighttime Master's program in marketing/finance and expects to graduate next June.

Upon my graduation, I went to work as a city planner for Snohomish County. And since 2000, I have been working for the City of Mountlake Terrace. I love working with, and helping the public. It's like oxygen to me.

Stuart is working on his BS in computer science. He contracts with my city on computer-related projects, and spends his extra time pampering his baby, a 1967 Ford Mustang GT. Boy, does that take me back in time!

How the years have flown! I was thrilled when Janet Scott Tyler found me through the internet (we had lost touch in the early 1970's). We have been corresponding ever since, and even enjoyed a cruise to the Caribbean. I am also fortunate to see Diana Harward Reynolds from time to time. Her mom still lives across the street from my parents—W. Covina diehards! And I'm still in contact with Cathy Bartlett Rathsam. I got lucky and found Jan Parisi Cadra last December when my family and I were visiting Southern Cal—that is, my family (my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary) and, of course, Disneyland.

My favorite past times are: spending time with my family (favorite past time), and gardening, reading, bicycling, walking, attending summer evening concerts in the parks with my friends, traveling and watching movies. My husband and I belong to the Chateau St. Michelle wine club, and involve ourselves in the club's social and other winery events—now my second favorite past time. (I thought I should take up red wine drinking after reading about its health benefits and the fact that my Sicilian father enjoyed a glass of red wine with every evening meal. He's nearly 86 and the doctor said he has the heart of a 40 year old man. He's in great shape!) Cabernet is my favorite.

I'm looking forward to the 40th reunion and seeing everyone again. I was unable to attend the previous reunions for one reason or another, but will move mountains if necessary to attend this one! So, see you all soon!


Paula Troncale Schwartz