Covina High School Class of 1968
Richard Dudley

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Rich Dudley

Gee, it's been a while since I've had to write an autobiography! Well here goes:

After graduating from CHS, my intention was to attend Mt. SAC in hopes of finding my life's path. Later in '68 my draft number led me down an unexpected path. It was agreed that the lesser evil was to enlist in the Navy. So one month and eight days after I turned 18, I was in San Diego at boot camp. During my four years I visited many interesting and exotic ports-of-call including Hong Kong, Honolulu, Cam Ranh Bay, Subic Bay, and Naha in Okinawa. There may have been others but thank goodness for memory loss due to aging, or is it drug use?

Anyway, I did spend a couple of years on board the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. While a member of Ship's Company, I closely observed flight operations on the flight deck during all kinds of weather conditions. The most respected was flight ops at night in the rain. How did hundreds of people mostly in their early 20's refuel, reload, and relaunch aircraft in the dark in the rain in the wind while the ship was rocking and rolling, without suffering any significant calamity, loss of limb or life, or damage to material, and yet the same age group can't get my order right at McDonalds? Hmmm?

When I finished my enlistment, I returned to Covina and answered an ad for a parts counterman position in Alhambra. While vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale, I met Sherry and was completely head over heels. We married in August 1975. Our daughters were born in 1976 and 1979. I became a Parts Department Manager at a Chevrolet dealership in 1985. I'm currently parts manager at a Chevy store in Palatka, Fl.

Sherry and I love to travel. We have been to Hong Kong (third time for me), Madrid, London, Edinburgh, Hawaii, and Alaska. In 1999 we rented a car and spent 17 days driving through Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. In March 2002 we left North Carolina and drove through 31 states in 10 months in our 30-ft travel trailer. We've decided that our favorite place to live is Ft. Collins, Colorado. We hope to relocate there in the next couple of years.

Chris, our eldest, recently gave us a granddaughter. She and her husband live in Charlotte N.C., so we have to make regular visits in order to spoil the child as ALL grandparents are supposed to do! The youngest one, Becca, lives with her Army Captain husband in Hawaii.

I am excited about attending my first High School Reunion next year. It should be quite interesting!!