Covina High School Class of 1968

Ron Jones

Forty years after reading some of the life stories on the reunion webpage, it makes it seem like it was just yesterday!

Here is my forty years. Two days after graduation, I left town to play professional baseball with the beloved Chicago Cubs. At the same time, as many of you did, I had to worry about the military draft. It was a real possibility that I would be tossing grenades and not baseballs, so I joined the US Army Reserves and continued my baseball career. Just a side note, I remained in the Army Reserves for 26 years, retiring in 1995 as a Command Sergeant Major.

Back to playing baseball I played for five years before a shoulder injury ended my dreams (rotator cuff impingement, non-operational back in 1972). After my release, I returned to Phoenix, Arizona, attending school and taking on various jobs. In 1973, I met Lexa Hoefler and my life just got better! We were married on September 29, 1973, and have been happily married and best of friends the past 35 years, raising two sons, who are both successfully out on their own, married, and each with a son of their own (Grandpa times 2).

I finally found that right job, starting with the Phoenix Police Department in 1975. I had a wonderful and rewarding career of 31 years, retiring in June 2006. Oh yah, retirement! I was off for two weeks making furniture for our new home in Prescott, Arizona. Too much work, so I went back into the workforce, taking employment with the State of Arizona as a Special Agent in the Department of Gaming.

Lexa is a Security and Facility Manager, for a communications company in the Phoenix area. We both work in Phoenix during the week and stay in our Prescott home on the weekends. We enjoy golf, woodworking, and Scuba. Life is good.

How short forty years seems! I am looking forward to catching up with all of you at the reunion.

July 2008