Covina High School Class of 1968

Sandra (Aubill) Sinatra

OMG! Has it been that long???? Just seems like yesterday. NOT.

So saddened to see many classmates gone already. I don't think I will make the reunion, as my husband is just getting over major surgery. I married John Ward (Class of 64???) just out of high school. I have two grown sons, Mike 38 and Scott 36. I am the shortest of all three of us! Mike is 6'4 and Scott is 6'9.

I also have six grandaughters ranging from 2 1/2 – 11 years and FINALLY a grandson!!! Thank goodness as all this "drama queen" life with all the girls is making me crazy, especially when all six stay with me for the weekend. My grandson is now a whole month old and so handsome.

I have included three pics for you to see. One is of myself in my patio before hub got sick (although hair now it is much shorter and the color is a reddish brown, did it on a dare from my son!).

Another one is with my son Mike and his two daughters and wife Gabriella; she was carrying my grandson when that pic was taken.

The other goofy looking one trying to hide is my son Scott and he hates having his picture taken. I did not include any pics of his four girls because he is "freaky" when it comes to the Internet, but that's ok, he's just being safe.

John Ward and I divorced in "77" and then I met my husband Richard Sinatra and, well, what can I say, we dated for a bit and that was all it took so we got married in 1981 in Vegas and still going strong. He's been a rock, let me tell you!

I ran into Peggy Brown years ago two times and we exchanged numbers but with time things get moved and lost and so have some of the numbers I had! Went to the 10 year reunion and that was the last one. Would love to attend this but don't want to leave hub home alone!

I work for Nutro Pet Products in City of Industry in the Accounts Receivable Department. Before that I was at Bay View Acceptance in Covina for 10 years before being laid off due to re-structuring as they call it now! Still live in Baldwin Park. Threatened to move a few times, but I love it there and I love my home and my back yard and patio! It's great for family parties and baby showers and wedding showers!

Hope everyone has a good time at the "reunion" and maybe if you have a 50 year I will make it! That would be a hoot!

I was on the website last night and read where one of the guys had a business in Kona, HI, and was disappointed I did not know that last year when I was there for a day while on a cruise. Have traveled a bit, mostly on Cruise Ships. Have cruised Hawaii three times now and Alaska and have just taken four short getaway weekends with my hubby to Ensenada on Royal Caribbean, have cruised to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo (was bound and determined to see Cabo Wabo and to see Sammy Haggar), took a Disney Cruise without kids and that was a terrific cruise. This year going to Kuai for 2 weeks!

I read a comment from Gloria Morehead and she said she did not remember anyone and did anyone remember her??? Yes, I sure remember you! I am really sorry I did not keep in touch with some of the gals (Sadie and Helen Henderson) I sat with last reunion but as I said, numbers get lost so if anyone would like to get in touch, feel free to email me through

Thanks for the memories!

Sandee Sinatra (Aubill)

April 2008