Covina High School Class of 1968

Sharon (Keys) Lucchese

Hi! 30 years later (attended 10yr)

When I saw that all my friends are running this website I decided I better get in touch again.

I was devasted to hear about Jerry Kern. He and I worked for the same company back in my early 20's in Los Angeles before I transferred to Cleveland, Ohio. I actually lived in Ohio almost 7 years before transferring back to Los Angeles because I missed seeing my niece and nephew grow up.

I was married in Ohio for a very short time and am on my second marriage—to an Italian, born in Chicago. We've been married 18 years now. I had a son, Ricky, now 16 at 40 years of age—a shock to everyone in my family. He was born almost 4 weeks after his due date and weighed almost 10 pounds. I would sing Italian opera arias to him and before he could talk he was singing back to me. I would put him on the phone so people wouldn't think I was making it up. He became a professional boy soprano at age 6 for movies and television, and then took up the trombone, keyboard, guitar etc. Sorry to brag everybody but when you have a child late in life who brings you so much fun you can't help but talk about it. Sorry to all those who never could stand me anyway! Oh well!

My son's high school marching band competed against Covina High Marching Band this fall. We (Royal High, Simi Valley) beat Covina in one competition and Covina beat Royal in the other. It was fun.

I've been working for the Simi Unified School District the last couple of years and just got a position with the State of California DMV. They tell me that the state gives you job security til 90 yrs., if your brains and body last! I'm doing the college visitation thing now for our son, Ricky. He will be a senior in high school next year and wants to be a professional musician. Heaven Help Him! I don't recommend it but can't talk him out of it! It will be great to hear from you. I'll send a picture if you tell me how to do it.

Thank you again for setting up this website girls.