Covina High School Class of 1968

Steve Banard

I attended Covina High from 64 to 68. Although I moved to Oregon before graduation, I had a lot of great friends back then. After leaving Covina, I joined the Marine Corps and spent a year in Viet Nam. Holding down several jobs, warehousing, truck driving I carried on until I became a barber for ten years. Although I also entertained a 3-decade opiate habit, I have now been clean for a year and I am finally free. So, at 55 yrs old I've been recognized at 100% service connected which allows me to have a comfortable retirement.

Paging thru the yearbook, I remembered many of the guys and dolls. I really loved going to school with you all. As far as a picture, I'll try to send something, otherwise maybe you could find something in the meantime. My best to Randy Guin, John Gudgel, Bob Baldasi, Danny Miller, Terry Repp, Richard Rush, also Teri Spruil, quite the looker. I know I am not including many others I cared about. My very best to everyone--those were the days my friends. Semper Fidelis.