Covina High School Class of 1968

Susan Malson Jones

One day in exasperation my mom suggested I find a Kansas farm boy. (She was distressed by the fact one of my dates had shown up in a pair of blue jeans.) I followed directions and found my fantastic husband Ray. We had both been recently divorced. I had a daughter with first husband and fellow classmate Mike Hooper, and Ray had a daughter and son. We seemed like an unusual couple (they do say opposites attract), but we have been married almost 32 wonderful years and have four astounding children and six incredible grandchildren. Together we had a son so there was always yours, mine and ours.

Ray and I have had our share of adventures. We lived in five states in our first five years together including California, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Somehow we came to settle in southeast Wisconsin where we have held a residence since 1979. I worked for Aetna Insurance for 20 years before retiring in 1996 when Aetna left Milwaukee.

For our next adventure, Ray and I took a contract to work in China. We were in Kunshan, Jiangsu Pr., China until February 2000. Ray works for a German manufacturer who has a factory in Kunshan. Kunshan is about 70K west of Shanghai, a technical development area of about 100,000 people with only about 10 Westerners. Upon arrival in Kunshan it took me three days to get a fulltime job and three months to find someone who spoke English. While there I taught kindergarten, business, and English. I also did local T.V. news broadcasting.

When we returned stateside, I intended to remain retired. Now I am only working two jobs and 12-hour days. I have given up working for the U.S. Postal Service as a carrier, in career development with developmentally disabled adults, and for the local school lunch program. My current jobs involve 4-hour mornings at the local gas station/convenience store where I work from 3:45 am—7:45 am M-F. Here in small town U.S.A., I see the same 200 people each day and am considered a local fixture (I've been there since Feb 2000.) My 8—4:30 position is in the finance department of the local hospital. We are a rehabilitation hospital which also includes several residential wings and an accredited school for those under 18 years old residing with us.

Ray and I love travel and just recently returned from a trip to China where we were able to visit areas we had not previously seen, including Xi'An and the Terra Cotta soldiers. We are looking forward to the class reunion. Please keep us updated on the plans.