Covina High School Class of 1968

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Valerie Ciancio Parmenter

Hi — sorry I haven't gotten to you sooner. I'm not really missing :) ....just crazy busy :) . Have been watching the website and message boards with great interest, just haven't gotten around to getting my info together. You guys are doing a great job and it sure is interesting to see what everyone is doing.

My home address is Highland, CA. One person I would like to know about is Linda Jacovino – we were best buddies in high school but have lost track.

Got lots of stuff to share–how do you condense the past 40 years into a paragraph or two! I'm married and live with my husband Dennis in East Highlands Ranch near the foothills of San Bernardino. We have 5 children between us (his 4 and my 1). We also have 3 wonderful grandchildren so far...& hoping for many more!

Since 1993, we have owned and operated a business in North San Bernardino - RV Stripes, Graphics & More by VIP Enterprises - we're a one stop shop for full service and renovation for RV's, toy trailers, etc. A couple of years ago, my husband left the business and went back into the rat race and became a blackjack dealer for Pechanga - good way to keep the benefits going when you own your own business!

Prior to that we both worked for the City of Corona - me for 11 years, him for 5. He was a Public Works Supervisor and I was Network & Planning Administrator, responsibile for the Planning Commission, implementing a computerized building permits system and supervising the clerical staff. Unfortunately at the time, we got caught up in the recession in 1992 when mid-management was at a surplus and both of us left the employ of the City the same day – with 5 kids in tow. We scrambled and put our heads together and started this business and have been blessed ever since. Very difficult work and lots of hours – but lots of positives to owning your own business.

Hopefully can get some pics up soon!

Val Ciancio Parmenter