SchoolDaze ...-1968

Join us now in those thrilling days of yesteryear . . .

Check your attic and that old trunk. We're looking for photos of CHS students and activities during our "glorious" high school years and before. Send images to or photos to P.O. Box 361195, Milpitas, CA 95036.

Sue (Schaller) Fisher sent along this clipping about the drill team:

D. J. (Danny) Willey offers this Little League shot from 1962:

Karen (Lunetto) Piazza offers this article on Modeling Club from the Sentinel

Lynda (Killworth) Dale still had her ASB card:

Marcy (Pomerantz) DiCaro reports: "I came across these photos my mom took of the All Girl Review – Ode to Walt Disney – I’ve copied the program part of our skit #12 that won first place. Of course it was the just the beginning of my illustrious career as a director (NOT). It seems that most of our cast members will be at the reunion – care to do it again? Anyway, enjoy."

Linda McCafferty Dixon came up with these...

The CHS Band in Mexico -- Easter Vacation 1968

CHS Drill Team

CHS Band

1967 Christmas Basketball Tournament Program

One of many CHS Basketball newpaper clips. 1968 Alumni:
Steve White #34            Craig Dixon #32
Mike Couch lower left    [click to see larger copy]

Top L-R Joan Easterday, Linda McCafferty
Bottom L-R Janice Easterday, Julie Nerison

Mr. Mercer, Linda McCafferty, Joan Easterday

Senior Mother Tea, 1968
Craig Dixon, Linda McCafferty, Mrs. McCafferty


Linda McCafferty

Marcey (Pomerantz) DiCaro reports: "... here is a picture of me, Melody Dudley and Mr. Mercer (the advisor for student activities). It was one of the formals – I think prom, but not sure."

John Wepplo has retrieved some of the more obscure artifacts of HS. Maybe he should have been an archaeologist?



John Wepplo also turned up some clippings related to senior year homecoming: featuring Queen Christine Smith, her escort Mike Couch, and what appears to be a shot of the court. Also a shot of the varsity cheerleaders:

Deborah Carruthers Schell, besides some class photos for the Elementary Colts page, sent along this shot of the first day at school - Sept. 1958 - Richard Eide, Nancy (Nichols) Mellon & Debbie (Carruthers) Schell plus siblings in Class of 1966

this of the baseball drill ream - at the new field behind Rowland Ave. School - Summer 1957

and a shot of the first year of Brownies (1958) ... click it for a much larger image

John Wepplo has turned up the May 1965 issue of Dialog and delivered it as a (2.75 Mb) PDF. Click it.

Lynda (Killworth) Dale provided a shot of her and her mother at the Senior Tea.

Mike Couch contributes some sports shots. In the crowd picture, you can see Jim Kintzel, Jeff Rhiner, Ralph Crabtree, and Dane Haas, among others.

John Wepplo returns with more photos from life before graduation. (Each can be clicked to see a larger view.)

Richard Rush, Kenny Wallace, John Wepplo: Confirmation Day !

Eva D. Edwards, 8th grade graduation

Mike O'Morrow, Marilyn Cannon

Valentine's Ball and Senior Prom (Sharon Keys, John Wepplo)

Cardinal & White: May 24, 1968

John Kobal, Lance Weagant

Renee (Cambon) Williams came up with a photo of her and her mother from the Senior Tea in the quad, plus one of her and Linda Dick in graduation gowns.


What? Kindergarten class photos? Yes, and grades, 2 through 6 as well. Thanks to John Wepplo.

The 6-page graduation program, also from John Wepplo.


Click one to view larger image.

Thank you, John Wepplo, for the football program scans!


Thank you, John Wepplo, for the graduation photos!

"Protest Day" of School Spirit Week, Spring 1966, on CHS Campus: Shanda McGrew and Gail Young Signs say "Legalize pot" and "Jesus wore long hair"

Taken on CHS campus: L to R: Shanda McGrew, Lyndee Curlutu, Gail Young, Spring 1966 "Protest Day"

Thank you, Shanda McGrew, for our first photos!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane . . .

Covina School, 1894 . . . Maybe a little before our time

Citrus Avenue, 1955

Covina Map, 1956

Citrus Avenue, 1962 . . . Oooooh, check out the wheels!

Trinity Episcopal Church, 1964

Thank you, Mary Ann Cappa Rotunno, for tracking down these photos!

A postcard, captioned "Covina, California. Aerial view of Covina area showing snow-capped Mt. Baldy in the background and the San Bernardino Freeway in the foreground. The mountains, ocean or desert are all within a convenient distance, only minutes away over modern freeways and highways." Only a few orange groves are left and these would soon disappear.

Color Photo by Max Mahan.

The Covina Host Lions club after picking oranges during World War II. "C.O.G." on the crates refers to the Covina Orange Growers Association.

Dave Armbruster's grandfather, Judge Thomas B. Reed, is standing on the truck, second from left, in third row.

Thank you, David Armbruster, for the two above.